About the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership is a coalition of organizations and agencies collaborating to conserve culturally and ecologically important landscapes to benefit people, economies, and nature throughout the six-state watershed.

We are all working to protect an additional 2 million acres by 2025 and 30% of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by the year 2030. Nearly 1.64 million acres of land in the Chesapeake Bay watershed have been permanently protected since 2010. This marks an achievement of 82% of the land conservation goal adopted in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and brings the total amount of protected land in the watershed to 9.1 million acres. Twenty-two percent of the Chesapeake watershed is already permanently protected. Reaching 30 percent by 2030 would protect an additional 3.1 million acres, including the remaining nearly 366,000 acres needed to achieve the 2025 outcome. Here is a selection of our shared conservation success stories — and the partners and funders who made them possible.

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